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Our Himalayan Salt

Salt is an essential part of our life & lifestyle too. When it comes to specialty gourmet salts, our Himalayan salt which comes with the right amount of Iodine is the pinnacle. Naturally, it contains over 80 essential minerals & trace elements used by the body for maintaining good health & well-being.

It helps to balance/ manage electrolyte, hydration, pH (alkaline/ acidity) & bone strength.

Himalayan Pink Salt


Himalayan White Salt

Always guaranteed pure & authentic, our white salt is an ideal salt for everyday use to season sweets & savory dishes. The highest quality, a straightforward salt flavor, and is available in a range of easy-to-use sizes.

Himalayan Black Salt

A pantry essential, our black salt is premium sea salt. Pure & sparkling, this salt does not just add a tangy taste to the food but also rich in minerals like potassium & iron.  The perfect easing salt offers laxative & digestive aid.


Naturally contains over 80 essential minerals & trace elements to maintain good health.

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